What are Microgreens?

If there were just one word to describe Microgreens, it would be “AMAZING”. Microgreens are seedlings that are grown to their first “true” leaf stage and then harvested usually around the 10-14 day mark. Some varieties take longer to mature. Most are between 1-3 inches tall at time of harvest. Unlike sprouts or shoots, Microgreens do NOT have their roots attached. Wikipedia

Microgreens are FULL of nutrients, flavor and color. For the most part, these greens taste exactly like the vegetable they would produce if grown to full maturity. Hidden City Farms doesn’t use any fertilizers or nutrient solutions for growing our Microgreens because ALL that the plant will ever need is contained within the seed itself. We harvest BEFORE the seedling goes into its next stage of growth where this is required.

Parts of a SEED
Red Arrow Radish grown by Hidden City Farms